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Progress – May 08, 2017  

Total balance remaining is $10,968   😀 

Below is a thermometer I created to keep track of how much I have paid since November 2014

I joined the Gift of College program.  Gift of College is basically a gift registry for college saving 529’s and student loan accounts that allow students or parents to register their college savings account to use toward a student’s college education.  Friends and family can give donations online or purchase an actual gift card to use toward a student’s college education.  It took me many months to research this program and cannot believe how easy the process works.  Basically, you buy the gift card and register on the student’s account. The Gift of College program will issue a check to the school.  Anyone can sign-up and it is never too early to save up for college.  Students who want to pay off their loan debt can sign-up which applies for me.  The gift cards are sold online and in-store at Toys”R”US.  This is actually the perfect gift for birthdays, graduations, and weddings.  It feels good to pay my student loans using a credit card and earn points.  

On April 19th, I had the wisdom tooth extraction which was painful, more than I imagined.  I felt the anesthesia, didn’t eat for 2 days and slept a lot.  I can’t wait to start weightlifting later today. So far, I have lost 12 lbs since February 28, 2017.  My goal was to be a size 4 by age 30.  Well, I already reached this goal before my birthday.  My next goal is to tone my hamstrings and glutes.

Carlos finished BMT.  He is now stationed to complete his technical school by August.  Soon he will be back home.  While Carlos was gone, I realized how much I love him.  I must admit, the separation made us closer than ever.  He wasn’t allowed to use a cell phone and it was hard to keep him updated about his college applications.  I wrote letters to him every other day, and he wrote as much as he could.  Now that he’s back and allowed to use a cell phone, he tells me how much he misses me.  Of course, he reminds me how much he loves me.  It feels amazing to love someone and feel loved.  By the way, he got accepted to college as a transfer mechanical engineer student.  Woohoo!!  I helped him apply, I knew he could do it.  He’ll pay ZERO for school.  Sweet!  Carlos had the grades but he needed someone to help him.  I cannot wait for both of us to walk this journey together.  Together, we will rise!

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