August 5, 2014 Alicia Castro 0Comment

Sony Access

I recently watched Dawn of the Planet of the Apes at the REGAL movie theater.  I came back from my trip in El Salvador and wanted to see the movie upon returning.  Instead of being a coward, I decided to purchase a ticket online and watched the movie solo.  I took the liberty to request the Sony Entertainment Access System for the first time.

Watching the movie and wearing the glasses was uncomfortable, especially when I already wear daily glasses.  I received the equipment and wasn’t told how to wear the device.  I thought it was easy to wear.  It wasn’t!  It took me half an hour to figure out how to adjust the closed caption text onto the cinema screen picture.  By the time I finally figured out, my nose started to hurt because I was wearing two glasses. So far I enjoyed watching the movie.  However, if you wear daily glasses then I don’t recommend this device unless you really need it.  I’ll definitely request another Sony Entertainment Access System only when I wear contact lenses.

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