April 30, 2015 Alicia Castro 0Comment

This post is meant for the person I lost.  He is no longer part of my life for he is gone forever.  I will always remember the way you made me smile, laugh, and feel protected when I was little. We connected, separated, and reunited before you left.  I am heartbroken but time will heal my wounded heart.  Do not worry about me, I will meet you up there when my time comes. I promise to be humble, patience, love myself more, and forgive everyone.  I love you so much, always will, and I miss you.  I know you died alone and suffered so many hardships.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to know you better before you were gone.  Rest in peace and I will protect your name. You were and still are a good person for me.  When I’m ready, I will visit you. I love you!

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