October 18, 2012 Alicia Castro 0Comment

Are you preparing to leave for college? It’s important to choose a major and decide whether you want to commute or dorm in your first year. I highly recommend that you dorm to learn the culture, activities, and programs your college offers. One of the best programs your campus can offer you is the Student Services program.

The noise in college is louder than your high school years because classrooms are larger. Imagine sitting at the front row of your class and hearing the following noises: typing, texting, chatting, laughing, pens clicking, and writing. Those are the type of sounds I heard every day in my undergraduate years. I rarely took notes because the noises distracted me.

The person who informed me about the Student Services program was Paula, my supervisor from campus. The Student Services program wrote Student Accommodation Letters, which recommended my professors to make an announcement to the class and ask a student to volunteer and provide a copy of their class notes.  Receiving note-taking assistance helped me improve my grades. It’s important to meet with your professors weekly and ask for help if you’re struggling. Remember to keep in touch with your  teachers, friends, and family back home.

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