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Are you thankful for your family, friends, and the little things you have in life? Many times, I have blogged how I have overcome hearing obstacles at school and work. I gave myself so much credit that I forgot to thank God for everything he has done for me. I went to church during the weekend and I learned that I have asked for help and a lot of other things that I needed, but most of my prayers weren’t answered. Everyday, we make a list and ask God to grant our wishes. We pray and sometimes we don’t get exactly what we want. I believe God listens and he’ll help us in his own way by giving us the most import thing we need in life, especially when you least expect it.

Last year, I applied for Medi-Cal for hearing aids. I got denied every time I applied, but I wanted to give it a last try. I was sad and hurt because it’s hard to listen and communicate when you’re using old hearing aids. So one day, I decided to ask my friend and second-mother, Sharma Henderson, CEO of Community Outreach Opportunity Programs, to help me start a fundraiser to purchase new hearing aids. Sharma expressed interest and decided to sponsor my fundraiser. I needed to raise $7,500 dollars for hearing aids. Sharma raised $1,195 through the support of wonderful friends, family and the College of Business and Public Management from the University of La Verne (my campus) who heard my story and supported my fundraiser. While Sharma sponsored my fundraiser, I was working full-time at AmeriCorps for the Inland Empire United Way organization. I emailed my team leader to share my fundraiser. Little did I know that Greg Bradbard, CEO of the Inland Empire United Way organization, heard my story.

Greg found out that I didn’t communicate a lot because I had a hearing problem. He was very interested in my story and decided to help me apply for a grant. Within three months, I was chosen for a $1,500 grant from Partner in Care and another $5,160 grant from the Change a Life Foundation. In four months, I completed my fundraiser and received new hearing aids. I am thankful for Greg and Sharma for caring and helping me. I am also thankful for Briz (my audiologist since I was 9 years old) and Carmen, a hearing aid vendor specialist, who supported my fundraiser as well. These four amazing people have truly made my life better. I am most thankful that God made this happen. He listened when I asked for help and gave me what I needed the most. This year, I’ve been smiling a lot and communicating a lot.

Another amazing thing that happened in my life is that the Financial Aid Office at the University of La Verne awarded me a scholarship for this quarter. This award will keep me from worrying so much about the cost of tuition and has made it possible for me to purchase books. I believe in God and am thankful for everything he has done. He does listen and will help you if you believe in him. Be thankful everyday and for everything you have. Miracles will happen when you least expect it.

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