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I’m back from my trip in El Salvador which is located in Central America.  Despite being the smallest country in the whole of Central America, El Salvador is worth to visit and has a lot of beautiful tourism.  I stayed in Batres for 21 days and each week I swam at gorgeous beaches in El Espino and El Cuco, El Jocotal lagoon, and Monte Fresco a tributary of natural spring water.  I had the opportunity to visit the Chaparrastique volcano which is currently producing ashes and tremors.  I ate delicious pupusas, tamales pisques or elotes, chipílin soup, fresh pollo and gallina soup, mangos, and lots of pepetos fruit.  I drank fresh coconut juice, atole de fresa, and horchata. I’m surprised that I lost 5 pounds.

I didn’t have a lot of time to travel because I visited a chiropractor every three days for neck, upper back and coccyx treatment.  It turns out that I had a left foot joint dislocation and a central nervous system pain.  No wonder why I always complained about my feet hurting or sometimes I felt anger and stressed out for no reason.  I had bee venom acupuncture, cupping, and chiropractic treatment.  Believe me it was very painful, especially getting 50 bee venom acupuncture!  The pain of my back and the neck spasms are gone.  I don’t feel stressed and depressed.  I feel stronger, better, and happy.  I thank God for closing all doors whenever I didn’t get the job offer. Instead, God wanted me to take a break from job searching, relax in El Salvador, and get treatment for back pain.  Today I will start with my job search because I’m ready to work and make a difference.  Enjoy the pictures I posted.

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