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I finally finished updating my resume. I decided to redo my resume because my old resume was good but not impressive. It was lacking my personality, success, and skills. Fran, a friend from middle school reached out to review my resume. I never thought of asking for help, but I’m very grateful for his support and help.  This is what I’ve learned after redoing my resume:

Old resume:

– “It’s okay”

– Short, brief, a lot of open spaces, and no personality

– Too many responsibilities about the projects I completed without telling the outcomes or feedback

-Too many pauses because the sentences didn’t flow. It did not tell the readers why the project was important…or what the project was about…and why I added this part on my resume

New resume:

– Better

-Tells what I did, what I accomplished, and the outcomes. I used numbers and percentages to explain the outcomes. It tells a lot about my personality.

-Longer than previous resume and less space.

– Easy and smooth to read. The reader no longer pauses because the resume gets to the point.

-Less space

-One page only. Very important for those who are starting a new career with little or no experience.

Sample of my old resume:

Provided supervision in order to ensure organization policies and procedures are maintained.

Sample of new resume:

Created a Volunteer Handbook with procedures and policies which helped new volunteers excel in their program and services throughout the year.


I feel better, focused, and ready to start applying because my new resume will help me receive many job interviews. The next project that I will be working is to prepare and ace the interviews. Both, cover  letter and resume are impressive. It’s time to show everyone my personality of being a champion. This year, I decided to take baby steps. Why stress when I can start slow and focus. I encourage you to do the same. Make small goals and take baby steps to succeed.

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