June 16, 2014 acast018 0Comment


I drove to Sacramento and stayed at Mama Daisy’s home. She took care of me since newborn, that’s why I call her Mama Daisy. All her children love and accept me as part of their family. I stayed there for three days for a job interview.  My brother visited Mama Daisy too.  He’s actually the first child Mama Daisy cared for.  Lucky for my brother, he drove 2 hours to get there. I drove 10 hours due to traffic.  I hope I don’t get to drive again during the weekday, unless I have to.  I took a picture of the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium, which is one of the most beloved building to celebrate the commencement graduation for thousands of high school graduates.  I wasn’t invited but I still went while I waited an hour before my job interview. I pray I get the job because I’m ready to relocate and travel.

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