April 21, 2015 Alicia Castro 0Comment

I’m sure many of you heard these words before, “it’s best to forget the past, especially when you’re hurting so much that you’re falling apart.”  I disagree.

For me, remembering my past gives me a reason to understand why things didn’t work out and sometimes by no fault of my own.  I’m talking everything about dreams, careers, school, friendship, family, and relationships.  I reflect on my past a lot and see pain, sadness, abuse, and darkness.  It’s not about remembering the people who hurt me or the times I failed to recognize myself.  I look back because it’s a reminder of how I became the person I am today –  spiritually and mentally stronger.  It took me days, months, and years to heal.  I feel stronger than what I used to be.  I’m stronger and nothing will stop me from smiling.  I‘ve built a wall made of bricks.  I have a lot of confidence and feel damn happy for you to bring me down.  I’m a Spartan and pride the beautiful person I’ve become.

To heal your pain and sadness, you must surround yourself with people who care and make you laugh.  Even if you don’t feel like smiling, try to focus on helping the person who needs a lot of help – YOU.  You have one body, a heart, two eyes, two legs, and two arms.  Maybe you feel incomplete but there’s a reason why you’re still here and you’re reading my blog; get out of the darkness, follow the light and love yourself no matter what.  I have hearing loss and embrace it no matter how hard it is for me to distinguish sounds.  I refuse to live miserable and rather smile because my smile heals another person.

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