January 2, 2015 acast018 0Comment

Dear 2014

Last year I learned so much about my regrets, choices, and decisions. Your negativity didn’t stop me from searching for the place I wanted to be and become. It wasn’t an easy year yet you gave me strength, peace, and hope. Despite my disability and back injury, I accomplished many things. I walked on my commencement after completing my master’s program, quit my previous job, traveled for a month in Central America, took six long solo road trips, and stayed in the bay area for a month.

The beginning of last year started unpleasant, brought a lot of sad memories, no birthday celebration, ran out of money, and I felt lost. Then you surprised me by helping me get a federal job with full benefits and work with coworkers who embrace my hearing loss disability. Best of all, I lost 30 lbs and feel good to have a hot body.

So far I like the person I am becoming and look forward to experiencing happy memories for this year. My goals for this year is to wake up with determination every single day, be limitless, embrace my natural beauty, do whatever I want with wise decisions, and live my life adventurous. If you want to bring me down, bring it on because I will not let you stop me from smiling. After all, my smiling is contagious. I wish you lots of blessings, happiness, success, and health. 

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