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Last week, I drove to the Bay area by myself for a job interview. I always wanted to drive solo. Driving solo was not fun at all. The drive lasted six hours, it took longer than expected. The job interview went well, not sure if I’ll be getting a second interview. But I’ve gotten 7 interviews last month which includes face to face, phone, and Skype. It feels good to use speakers during Skype interviews; it’s necessary to help me hear better. I know that my resume and cover letter are better compared to the older version. Despite all the negative stuff that has happened to me last month, I think about the positive stuff that will come along.

I started my journey in the bay area by visiting the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge with my brother. It was cold and the bridge was shrouded in mist. I’ve seen people surfing under the bridge, they’re brave for doing that. After visiting the bridge, brother and I ate pupusas and drank atol de elote at San Rafael city. Now I’m wishing I lived in San Rafel because there’s a restaurant that sell’s authentic Salvadorean pupusas.

After eating pupusas, we hiked at the Golden Gate Park. The fact that we were full, hiking was not a good idea, It’s a big hike! We hiked for four hours, more than 800 feet, and forgot to bring our water bottles. It was exciting and exhausting!


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