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The ability to recognize who you are depends how you rebuild yourself and live fearlessly without regrets. It depends how many times you’ve failed to overcome all obstacles. In order to live happy and fearlessly, you have to take the first step and be courageous. Do not be afraid of failing especially when you’re willing to take risks. What matters the most is that you tried and will never say “I wished I took the first step”.

I didn’t let people’s opinion define who I am no matter how many times I’ve failed and got my heart broken or disappointed. I choose to define my identity. Wearing hearing aids and being diagnosed with bilateral reverse hearing loss does not define who I am. My struggles, sadness, and failures made me stronger inside and outside. I am very grateful to my brother who accidentally hit me with a shovel on my left eyebrow at age four. My hearing was no longer normal after the accident and I got diagnosed with hearing loss at age 9. For five years, I’ve lived in a world full of blackness, chaos, and confusion. Those years I felt lost and did not understand why people would stare while I tried to lip read. Fortunately, I started wearing hearing devices at age 12 and my life turned around with a bit of temper and patience. Till this day, I have no idea how my mother could live with so much patience. I know that it sounds crazy but I’m very grateful that my brother accidentally hit me with a shovel. I rather live with hearing loss and I cannot imagine what my life would’ve been had the shovel reached my left eye. I do not want to imagine, not even the scar.

As an adult, I’ve learned to appreciate life and be grateful for the small things I have. I rather live poor and happy than being rich and feeling stressed. Money matters but what matters the most is living happy and knowing who you are as a whole. Most people assume that having hearing loss affects your self-esteem, mood, and behavior. It depends what type of hearing loss you have and how you’re willing to live. I choose to live happy, take risks, and never doubt who I am. Again, I will repeat that my hearing loss does not define me and it shouldn’t define who you are. I define myself as a strong lady who never gives up, takes no for an answer, and keeps believing. I hope my new post inspired you because that’s my goal. Do not give up and keep trying no matter how many times you’ve felt disappointed. Even if you cannot define who you are always remember that your goal is to live the moment, keep moving, endure a difficult life, and ultimately be strong enough to live it.

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