November 6, 2012 Alicia Castro 2Comment

I’ve been wearing my new Audéo S SMART hearing aids for a month. The first two weeks were not comfortable. I needed more time to get used to them since I was used to wearing the old ones, which are six years old. After wearing the new hearing aids for a few days, I realized that they are better than the old ones. The Audéo S Smart hearing aids are lighter and smaller than the old ones, and the voices I hear with them are clearer. I no longer need to stress, read lips, and strain my neck. You have no idea how many times I’ve gotten pain on my neck from tilting my head towards the back so that I can listen to people speaking behind me in the classroom.

However, I wish my mother and brother never knew about my improved hearing. Why? There’s a funny story that I need share with you. For a long time, I would pretend that I couldn’t hear my family speak and they would believe me because of my hearing disability. One day, while I was trying out my new hearing aids, I asked my mother how she can hear the television while the birds were chirping outside the house. She smirked and said “Aha! I see that you can hear better now. I better not hear from you that you can’t listen.” I guess I will not be able to lie anymore and going forward, I have to listen to my family.

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