August 11, 2016 Alicia Castro 0Comment

One of the greatest boss I ever met is deaf.  His name is Robert.  We met in April 2014, at the Disability Federal Employment Fair in California State University, Northridge.  It was my first time attending a disability job fair not knowing what would happen next.  My life changed when I met Robert.

Our first conversation was very brief.  I introduced myself and noticed he did not speak or respond.  An interpreter used sign language to communicate with Robert.  Robert communicated with the interpreter by signing as the interpreter translated for me.  He asked for a federal resume.

Not knowing how to write a federal resume, I visited my graduate school library and borrowed 8 federal books.  I read all books and researched how to write a federal resume.  It took me 2 weeks before I e-mailed him a copy of my federal resume.  I never heard from him again, I was mad.  Really mad!  Five months passed by and was still unemployed.

I remember packing and getting ready to relocate in Livermore, CA to live with my brother and continue with my job search until I received a phone call that changed my life.  It was from the Department of Veterans Affairs in Los Angeles.  Six people interviewed me in less than 30 minutes and then I never heard from them again.  I was beating myself for not asking what job description I interviewed for.

A few days later, I received an e-mail only to find out that I got hired as an HR Assistant at the Department of Veterans Affairs and had to show up on the next day to turn in the in-processing documents.  When I showed up, Robert was the first person I saw.  He spoke and I was baffled.  All these months I never knew he could speak.  Just because he signs, I immediately assumed he was deaf.  Three months passed by when the HR Deputy assigned me to work for Robert who became my boss.


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