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A lot of good things happened to me since my previous post. A majority of you expressed concern and offered help. I gained new followers who encouraged me to continue blogging because I give them a reason to blog and inspire them to enjoy blogging. A friend of mine offered to review my resume and reminded me that I need to network because you never know who you’ll meet and possibly find the career you’ve been looking for. So I signed up for 3 networking events; I’ll keep you posted.

My Linkedin professional friends encouraged me to start volunteering because it will make me feel better. I used to volunteer and loved making a difference but that changed after I was bullied. It’s been a year since that happened and I’m ready to start volunteering. Also, many Linkedin professionals offered their help to mentor me and share job announcements. I’m very grateful for all their help because I am no longer lonely and lost. Thank you for reaching out to me because I needed help and glad I asked for your help.

I mentioned before that job searching is no joke, especially without any help. A good friend of mine made me realize that I will get nowhere to finding a career by myself because “job searching is not and should never be a solo sport”. He is right. I’m getting nowhere by myself so I’m looking for a mentor, a person who can help me prepare for interviews and improve my networking skills. Thank you everyone for lifting my spirit and making feel a lot better before Christmas. I am no longer depressed and gained new friends.

My Christmas wish is for everyone to have a wonderful holiday celebration with family and loved ones! I’ll leave you now because I’m making tamales and I celebrate Christmas today instead of tomorrow (family culture). Plus, I’ll celebrate tomorrow too with all of you. 🙂

Merry Christmas!

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