June 9, 2014 Alicia Castro 0Comment


My attempt to cook lobster for the first time was messy, fun, and successful. My stepfather caught them with a simple bag. It took him many attempts before he caught 3 whole lobster at the beach. He placed the lobsters into the trader joe’s brown bag. They were large lobsters, probably a 4-5 pounds apiece. I tried freezing the lobster for two hours to numb their pain but they were still alive. Of course I felt bad.

I boiled water using a large pot and cooked the lobsters for 5 minutes. After boiling, I placed the lobsters on the sink to cool them and cut them in three pieces taking out the “tomalley.” When I first heard tomalley, I thought people were saying “tamale.” I heard wrong!

My goal was to make two different soup without overcooking the lobsters. Mother cannot eat spices due to her stomach ulcer problem. My stepfather and I like sour and spicy soup. I used a small pot and a medium pot using the same lobster boiling water. I boiled mother’s lobster on a small pot with chicken flavor and mushroom soup mix for 15 minutes. As for the second soup, I added tamarind soup base mix on a medium pot and cooked two lobsters for 15 minutes. I served the soup with a side of brown rice. I was impressed that it took me less than 30 minutes to prepare this meal. Not many of you know this, but cooking is my passion. I thought it would be a great idea to share my passion with you. I love cooking, being creative, especially making meals for people who enjoy my food.



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