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Wow, my weekend was exciting and adventurous. I registered for a Job Fair event with Sarah Ilarde on Saturday, May 31. Sarah prefers that I call her “roomie,” she and I used to be roommates for four years during our undergraduate program at UCR between 2006 and 2010. The last time we attended a job fair together was in 2010. Four years later, we meet again for another job fair at the Los Angeles City Hall. We’re both searching for the right career and team to join. Her specialties include writing, copywriting, event planning, and marketing. If you know anyone who is in need of her talents, please refer her to her Linkedin account.

My specialties include managing social media platforms, event planning, fundraising, marketing, data evaluation, program development, strategic planning, website content, and blogging. If you know anyone who is in need of my talents, please refer them to my Linkedin account. Believe it or not, this job fair was fun.

I visited all booths and spoke to every person about job opportunities. I took a deep breath before networking and told myself, “I can hear, I am a great communicator, I am good at networking, I was born to be victorious, and I will make sure I make people laugh.” I repeated my words before speaking to a person, which made my my job fair fun and exciting! Job fairs are not meant to be boring. Job fairs are about making connections and networking with people. There’s no need to make connections with everyone. The next time you get an opportunity to register for a job fair, please make a goal to speak with 2 or 3 individuals and network. Tell people who you are. The key to tell people who you are is “your story.” Make sure people like your story. Use the right keywords, add action and results in your story. Your story will make people like you. I connected with wonderful people like Debbie, who works in the 311 department and reminded me to keep the faith in God no matter how long it takes me to find a job.

After the job fair, Sarah and I ate at the Gill’s Indian Restaurant. It was my first time eating Indian food, roomie was shocked! Sarah convinced me to order Chicken Tika Masala, non-spicy. I can’t tolerate spicy food and my favorite food is chicken. At first, I complained that my plate was really small and doubted the food was going to taste good or make me feel full. I was wrong! I couldn’t finish the food. I learned my lesson, don’t underestimate small Indian Chicken Tika Masala food, especially if they’re unique, tasty, and delicious! I highly recommend it. Thanks roomie!! Since I like cooking, my next goal is to learn how to make Chicken Tika Masala.


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Yesterday, I ate at The Proud Bird Restaurant with my mother. Sharma and DeShawn, have been mentoring me since high school, both invited me to celebrate their CO-OP Upward Bound 2014 Graduation with their family students at the Proud Bird Restaurant. I was part of the graduation and proud to be their family! I got excited seeing Sharma and DeShawn because they are my heroes. They work hard to make sure none of their student gets left behind in school and I love how they’re passionate about their work. I enjoyed their PowerPoint Presentation, which told a story about how each student succeeded the school requirements, summer school & after-school tutoring programs, and community service to attend college. I was reminded about the reason why I wanted to pursue a bachelor’s degree and a master degree. It reminded me of all the struggles I took to be where I am today. I saw Racquel too, the person whom defended me whenever I was bullied and became my tutor. Racquel is a co-op family too and completed her doctorate program! She once visited me at UCR when I was a freshman student, invited me to eat Chili’s for the first time and gave me the best advice, “mean people exist in this world, so no matter where you go never let anyone change who you are because you are special person. Please remember that, never forget who you are.”

Well, after all the things I experienced last year and this year, I had forgotten the words Racquel told me to never forget. Seeing Racquel again reminded me of her words. I remember and know who I am. I am a special person, fun, attractive, funny, curious, talented, smart, ambitions, a great communicator, excellent at managing cloud data content, great working with people, and loves managing various software platforms or social media contents.

Thank you Sarah, Sharma, DeShawn, Racquel, my mother, and brother for always supporting me and reminding me to continue to thrive! I know who I am. I am a leader and a champion!

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