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Rememer to be happy and stay strong

I’ve lost track of how many job applications I applied for. The majority of them were long and tedious. Ever since I started graduate school, I received two phone and group interviews. I felt humiliated during my first year of graduate school. After receiving more than 200 rejections with or without notice from job search, I care less. Whenever I receive a rejection letter or an email after a job search, I no longer feel sad. As weird as this is going to sound, I feel overjoyed.

What I’ve learned and why I feel overjoyed:

I learned that if an organization cares less to bother informing me that I didn’t qualify for the job, then that’s not the right place for me to start my career. I learned that if a job refused to hire me after learning my hearing loss, then that would be the worst place to work for. With or without hearing loss, we must remain positive and stay active in the job search no matter what challenges we encounter.

My advice for everyone who is feeling depressed from job searching and receiving countless rejections.

  1. Try not to let your emotions take over.
  2. Reward yourself for doing your best when you applied because it takes a great amount of effort to complete the job application.
  3. Share your rejection letter & emails to a friend you trust. Trust me; you’re going to feel a lot better sharing your thoughts and feelings.

 Don’t keep it all on your own. Remember, I can be your friend as you are my friend. 

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