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Welcome to February Debt Free income report.  This post may contain affiliate links.  I’ve been reading a lot of articles that explain how much money people can make by doing gig jobs, babysitting, and landscaping. Personally, I don’t know anything about construction or landscaping.  I wish I knew how to do these jobs to make more money and pay my school debt quickly.  I don’t have time to do side hustling jobs.  I know how to make more money without the need to overwork myself which I will share my skills in this post.  I complete research study surveys by searching through redditt.

Below will explain how much I made last month:

  1. Candy Survey: $150   (1-hour online webcam) received a check
  2. Cologne Survey $150 (1-hour online webcam) received a check

  3. Laundry Detergent Survey $100 (45 minutes phone call) received a visa gift card

  4. Qriket $25 (downloaded an app) Use the code 5D5703

  5. PerkTV $5 (downloaded an app)

  6. Settlement Check $104 (For purchasing Tresseme Shampoo and provided receipts)

  7. Rented out the 2nd bedroom: $350

  8. Mileup (downloaded an app) $100 just for driving my car and tracking my miles.

Total: $984

Some of you may be wondering if it is possible to make money by taking surveys.  Heck yeah!  You can see my screenshots above.  Unfortunately, I threw away some checks after direct deposit.  Yes, there are a lot of ways to make money.  All you have to do is search and continue to sign-up for surveys.  I tried to sign-up for Research Study surveys every day and I’ve been getting lucky to be part of it.  There are companies out there who need clients either by phone, online, and in-person.  I cannot believe there are companies out there who want to pay us to test websites, transcribe audio files, and complete college surveys.  Depending on particular job skills such as lawyers, doctors, and registered nurse you may qualify for $450 dollars or more. 

 The saddest news just happened to me!  My cell phone died!  I spend $87 for that cell phone which I purchased at Metro PCS in November 1, 2014.  7 days ago, I was trying to buy a cheap phone because I’m that frugal.  T-Mobile doesn’t offer anything lower than 100 bucks.  They suck for my budget! Of course, my boyfriend and brother helped me find the lowest price.  Ta da!  I bought the Samsung J7 for $264.  I like using this phone a lot, it has a lot of storage compared to the old shitty phone I was using.  That’s right, it was an old shitty phone but it went through a lot of pain.  I verbally abused that poor phone yet it managed to function for more than 3 years.  All for $87 dollars!  Which means I paid 7 cents per day to keep the phone alive for 3 years, lol.  I purchased the new phone using my refund money from my tax returns.  I don’t feel bad, I really needed a phone.  Shame on me for being frugal.

Woohoo!  I finally paid off my subsidized Stafford $4,500 student loans.  Now I’m down to 3 student loans. For this month, I submitted a total of $2870.  I’m currently working on paying off the highest student loan a total of $8,500. 

Progress – February 14, 2017

Total balance remaining is $14,485.06  😯

School  Loan Type Borrowed: Interest Rate Update Status
Undegraduate  Subsidized Stafford  $2,625 6.55%
   Subsidized Stafford  $4,500 6.55% 0 – Paid February 2017
   Subsidized Stafford  $5,500 5.75% $5,137.33
   Subsidized Stafford  $2,000 5.35% 0
   Subsidized Stafford  $8,500 6.65%  $5,211.77
Graduate School Direct Unsubsidized Stafford $5,000 6.65% 0
  Direct Unsubsidized Stafford $10,000 6.65% 0
  Direct Unsubsidized Stafford $4,000 5.16% $4,135.96

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