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During the weekend, Sarah, my roomie from college, came to visit me. We decided to watch a movie called Life of Pi. I brought the Phonak ComPilot for the first time. Using my Phonak ComPilot, I was able to control the volume without using the hearing aids. At first, the movie was loud and made my ears ring for a few minutes until I reduced the volume. I enjoyed watching the movie for the first hour without reading lips. Normally, I read lips, and I ask the person sitting next to me what is going on because I can’t hear the movie. I’m always asking my boyfriend to interpret for me, and he doesn’t mind at all. I felt pleased and happy to let my roomie enjoy the movie without any disturbance.

The first hour was enjoyable to watch, until this woman came out of nowhere and brought along two of her children. For some reason, the mother decided to sit in front of us, which I did not mind at all. Then one of her children, the younger of the two, decided to run wild at the theater and scream for the next 30 minutes. I started to regret using my hearing aids and the Phonak ComPilot because of that child. I tried to maintain my patience but it became impossible with the child sitting in front of me while I tried to enjoy the movie. She was extremely annoying. Everyone who tried to watch the movie complained and politely asked the mother to control her child. The mother refused and began screaming at everyone who told her what to do with her child. Sarah and I decided to exit without finishing the movie. We did end up getting an AMC voucher after we complained to the staff. I learned a lesson here: next time someone is disturbing me while I’m trying to watch a movie and they don’t stop what they’re doing, I will leave the theatre and not use my hearing aids.

The next time you’re watching a movie and you’re not enjoying it, complain to the staff and ask them to give you your money back or a movie voucher. There is a high chance that someone inside a theater will disturb another person’s joy of watching a movie. I do not blame that child for misbehaving; I blame the mother for not taking any action to control her child. In the end, the mother got kicked out. Sarah and I left to take a walk inside the mall. I still wonder how Life of Pi ended.

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    1. Caryn, thank you for visiting and glad to hear you enjoyed reviewing my blog posts. Absolutely, I’ll promise to continue publishing new stories. Have a wonderful Memorial Day with family and loved ones!

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