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It all started in the 3rd grade. Mr. Flores, my third grade teacher, graded his students with paper-and-pencil tests. One day, Mr. Flores used a new strategy. He would tell students a multiplication problem and made them write their answers on the board. The game was competitive between boys and girls. While I waited for my turn, I noticed my classmates wrote numbers with chalk on the blackboard. I did not write an answer when it was my turn.

I felt scared because the boys noticed I wasn’t writing answers on the board. They pointed their fingers at my direction with anger. The words I heard were “Mr. Flores, we knew it! She’s a cheater! She’s been cheating all this time. How can she continue to get good grades in multiplication tests?” The more these students yelled, the more I cried. Mr. Flores grabbed my arm and asked me to complete the questions using a paper he gave me. I felt relieved. I smiled and grabbed a pencil to complete the multiplication exam.

After completing my exam, Mr. Flores looked at my answers and kept saying, “correct, correct, correct…” He asked my classmates to stay quiet because he wanted me to try listening to his questions a second time so that I can write my answers on the board. Everyone was quiet and Mr. Flores looked disappointed after repeating the questions, which I did not answer.

Finally, Mr. Flores got a little closer to me and moved his lips in slow motion. When he asked me to repeat his name, I read his lips and said “Mr. Flores is your name.” Mr. Flores noticed my hearing problem. He also noticed I was good at reading lips. It took one teacher to discover why I was earning straight F’s.

If it weren’t for Mr. Flores, I probably wouldn’t be the person I am today. I cherish every moment I’m in class. No matter how sick I get, I continue to go to school because I cherish what I learn. I love learning and I respect my teachers. Without them, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I ask you to cherish every moment you spend with your teachers. Remind them how grateful you are because you’re learning from them. Love, respect and cherish others.

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