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February Survey Progress:

Last month I didn’t do much on surveys compared to January.  I did get a call to participate as a backup for an Online Shopping Usability Session early morning.  I decided to give it a shot and signed up for it.  Normally I would not sign-up as a backup but I was off that day.  Sweet!  I didn’t think I was going to get a call so I didn’t bother to set up my alarm clock.  I was wrong!  Big mistake!  I did get the call and had less than 5 minutes to get ready.  Let’s just say that it wasn’t a pleasant morning for me.  Had to skip breakfast too.  The survey was fun, I was asked to shop online for feminine clothing.  The survey took 45 minutes and heard I was getting an amazon gift card.  I have hearing loss and couldn’t hear how much money I made.  I was hangry and didn’t bother to ask!  I assumed I was going to make $50.

On the following day, I got a huge surprise!  I received $175 Amazon gift card.  I had to look twice to check if the amount was right.  Damn, that was a lot of money for a 45-minute webcam survey!  I asked Carlos, my boyfriend, to let me borrow his Amazon account and figure out what I would shop for.  I was super excited, haven’t bought stuff for myself in a year.  I thought about what I would normally buy and found out that Amazon sells gift cards.  Knowing that I really need to save up, I bought the Safeway e-gift card.  The best decision I ever made!  Now I can buy grocery food for free over the next 2 months woohoo!  That means I can add an extra $175 towards my school loans.  I’ll continue to sign-up for surveys and keep you posted.


 Amazon $175 gift card


Safeway $175 e-gift card


I saved $175 for grocery and decided to add an extra $25 to submit a total of $200 towards school debt.  In addition, I received $350 via Google Wallet for renting out the 2nd bedroom.  That’s why I decided to submit a total of $550 towards my school debt.  Right now, I am working towards eliminating the highest debt, the Direct Subsidized Stafford loan with 6.55% interest rate.  The original amount I borrowed for this loan was $8,500. As of today, I own only $4,650.44.


Progress – March 2, 2017  

Total balance remaining is $13,916.40

Below is a thermometer I created to keep track of how much I have paid since November 2014



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