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When I made the decision to apply for graduate school, I felt scared. I kept telling myself that no school would consider me for earning less than 2.4 GPA during my undergraduate years and failing the GRE, twice. Feeling frustration, I called Sharma and DeShawn, my mentors from high school, to ask for their advice. They’ve been mentoring me since we first met in 2004. Till this day, they’re still mentoring me. They’re my angels and the best mentors in the entire world. I would not be the person I am today without them.

I missed the deadline to apply for graduate school, which required me to wait for the following year. Of course, Sharma and DeShawn encouraged me to apply, especially at the University of La Verne (ULV). Realizing that I missed the deadline, I cried. Still, they reminded me that I wasn’t a quitter and apply even with the missed deadline. I listened and wrote a personal statement in less than a week. They reviewed my personal statement, which is required to apply for the graduate program.

I remember feeling scared and depressed to write a personal statement since I didn’t have the best grade. I decided to be honest about my disability and wrote the personal statement. In my personal statement, I explained why the University of La Verne should consider me, why I earned a lower GPA, and why I was interested in their graduate program. I also wrote that I wasn’t a quitter, wearing hearing aids and growing up with a permanent disability wasn’t going to stop me from achieving my educational goals. Not expecting any news from ULV, I decided to wait for the following year and apply at other graduate schools.

Two weeks later, I got accepted. I cried tears of joy. For some miracle, God send me two wonderful mentors and gave me strength to apply at ULV. They accepted me even with the missed deadline. I was given an opportunity and decided to pursue two concentrations. For two years, I went to graduate school during evenings, stayed up late writing research papers or studying, and worked during the day. It wasn’t an easy journey.

In three weeks, I will complete my graduate program and maintained a 3.59 GPA. I never expected to get accepted at ULV and earn more than 3.5 GPA with hearing loss. Both Sharma and DeShawn proved me wrong. I am a strong lady, not a quitter. With hearing loss, I am capable of earning a graduate degree with or without challenges.

No matter who you are, with or without a disability, you should not be a quitter. If I can do it, so can you!

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