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I have a confession to make: I always got bullied for being overweight.  I used to be 200 lbs and wore a size 22 or 24 pants in my early teens.  Two years ago, I finally went down to a size 4 weighing 144 lbs.  I lost so much weight that I felt unhealthy and ugly knowing I had loose skin hanging on my tights and arms.  I was not happy with the results.  I felt embarrassed and refused to show my legs and arms.  I tried my best to cover the stretch marks.

Carlos, my boyfriend introduced me to sprint running, Romanian deadlift, barbell squat, and bench press.  He showed me how to perform these workouts without getting injured.  I loved working out with him and instantly fell in love with weight training.  It was him who helped me transform the body I will later love. Carlos did the research for me and encouraged me to lift heavy every week. I finally gained weight and wore a size 6 with toned tights and arms at 151 lbs.  I was very happy and loved the body I finally accomplished.

Unfortunately, last year I gained so much weight and went up to 168 lbs due to an ugly diagnosis that took a whole year to heal.  My life changed when I noticed my left index finger had a red lesion skin.  It wasn’t hurting but I was very annoyed that it wasn’t disappearing.  I ignored it.  It was a mistake that would later cost me a lot of money plus the 17 lbs weight gain.

Between 1-3 months, the red lesion skin wasn’t disappearing.

Between 3-6  months, I noticed my index finger was hurting with any touch or bump. It almost felt like I was getting poked with needles every single minute.  Notice the ugly picture I posted below. The red lesion was growing outside my skin.  By then, people started to notice.  I wore bandaids every day because I could tell people were disgusted just by seeing it.  I was really sad and depressed.  By then, I stopped using weight training and going less to the gym.  No more Romanian deadlifts, barbell squat, and sprinting.  No more!  It got easier for me to gain the weight since I lost all my good muscle weight.  Carlos reminded me how beautiful I still looked.  He knew the pain I endured every day.  By then, he was aware that holding hands was very painful for me. He was extra careful while holding my left hand.  He never made a disgusting face while looking at my finger.  As a matter of fact, he bought me a Carex Finger Injury Kit pack from Rite Aid.  It helped a lot but it wasn’t curing the infected lesion skin.  

Between 4 – 5 months, finger experiences silver nitrate.  The diagnosis I got is Pyogenic Granuloma.  Basically, I was bleeding every day.  


The silver nitrate did not make it go away…it made it grow worse… Notice the black color in fingernail is the silver nitrate liquid stuff.

Between 5-6 months, I experienced my first laser cauterization.  It was the most painful thing I ever experienced.  The anesthesia didn’t help at all.  I screamed so loud even the hallway people could hear me.  I tensed a lot and forced my period out earlier than expected.  Yes, it was that painful!  I remember screaming, “I’ll never have children, I can’t handle this stupid pain from a simple finger.” The nurses were laughing and replied, “believe us, this is nothing compared to having children.”  I yelled, “I’m not laughing, fuck it hurts like shit.” You can imagine, I got poked with the laser machine more than 20 times.  It smelled bad, like deep burning stuff.


Between 6 – 8 months, the burned skin is intact…disgusting and worse than ever…


I cover it every night. Too scared to workout and show my finger on public…

Between 8-10 months (late November 2016)…finally see a Dermatologist Specialist and tells me he is going to shave off the lesion plus anesthesia.  Ahh!

I began to scream before he put the anesthesia and told him it was gonna hurt like hell a lot!  Well, little did I know it didn’t hurt.

Mmmm things got interesting.  It took him less than 15 seconds to shave it off.  Also recevied a tetanus shot. Here’s the aftermath

Then he tells me, don’t come back unless it’s really infected. Three months later this is what if finally looks like:

A tiny little scar 🙂

Man, I went through the silver nitrate and laser cauterization for nothing….had I known, I would have shaved it off myself.

Carlos left to complete his Air Force basic training in February 2017.  I weighted 168 lbs and wore a size 10 or 12.  I took an opportunity to start exercising and go back to a size 6 before I turn 30 years old. My birthday is on May 14.  I knew my workout routine wasn’t going to be easy.  I knew exactly what type of workouts will help me to succeed my goal.  

I started from the bottom.  Each week, I’ve been adding extra weights during my Romanian deadlift, barbell squat, and bench press. I run 3 miles twice per day and complete heavy lifting 3xs per week ending it with 1-mile run in 12 minutes.

Last month, I noticed that I was losing inches rather than weight. Boy, I was pissed and happy at the same time. Why is it hard to lose the lbs. Probably will lose it this month.

Today I finally accomplished my goal. Faster than expected. I can wear a size 4 and weight 163 lbs.  I weight more than two years ago but that’s probably because I’ve been doing a lot of heavy weight lifting.  I cut off all dairy stuff and added more proteins and vegetables on my meals. I try to consume 50 grams of proteins per day. Seems to be working for me.  Plus, Carlos doesn’t know my new weight loss transformation 😉

I can’t wait to see the look on his face!

Wearing size 4, I’m not sucking in my stomach. It is a little tight. Need to lose 2-3 lbs in 3 weeks.


Now this is me cheating, “I’m trying to suck in my stomach”


Super glad I didn’t lose my finger…that would have been my last option!  I will never know how this happened…it just came for no apparent reason.


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