October 5, 2012 Alicia Castro 0Comment

I used to be a happy child. Then suddenly, I drifted into a world of loneliness and stopped being happy. During my childhood years, I was bullied for being fat and was often called dumb, deaf, and a mute girl. My best friend told me to never believe their words, but their words did hurt me, especially when I started to believe them.  Some teachers made fun of my grades, but they couldn’t hurt me as much as those children did, because these children bullied me every day at school. What hurt me the most was being forced to run laps while other kids played during recess or lunch breaks. I had to run laps because I was earning the lowest grades. To this day, I don’t believe these teachers are at fault because they didn’t know I had a hearing problem, which was the cause of me earning bad grades. I forgive them, but I do not forgive them for my unhappy childhood, because they let those children hurt me through words that scarred me for two decades.

These hurtful words brought me so much pain, I started eating excessively to alleviate my sorrows. The more I kept eating excessively, the more I gained weight. At age thirteen, I weighed 198 pounds and continued to eat to hide my feelings. Going to clothing stores and trying out pants made me feel insecure because they did not have my size. The day I had to buy size 22 black khaki pants was the day my best friend decided to help me lose weight, because I was too depressed. My best friend encouraged me to participate in a sport, so I decided to play volleyball. Losing weight was easy for me because my best friend gave me strength and motivation to continue exercising. Little by little, I became cheerful, but it took time to heal. While losing the weight, my bullies continued to say mean words but I stopped listening to them because my best friend was there to defend me.

What I’m trying to say is bullying another person is not okay. If you see a person being bullied for any reason (race, disability, religion), help them before it’s too late. What do I mean by “before it’s too late?” Imagine how long it will take for a victim to heal if no one prevented the bullying. Or if it’s that bad, maybe they won’t ever be healed. Bullying is preventable, so do me a favor by stopping yourself from being a horrible person and start treating people the way you want to be treated.

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