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Wow, it’s been a while since I took a road trip alone.  This time, I visited the Santa Barbara beach. I live in the desert, the middle of nowhere.  Believe me, it’s dry and hot where I live.  Right now, the temperature is about 97 degrees hot and it will get higher over the next few days.  I’m not complaining and I’m very happy where I am today, especially where I get to live on my own.  Except the fact that I’m currently renting the second bedroom. At least it’s temporary until the first week of August. 

I was very excited to visit the beach this weekend.  According to Google Maps, it should have taken me 2 hours to get to the beach.  Not the way I drive.  I drive like a 70-year-old grandma so it took me 3 hours haha. It’s not that I want to drive slow.  The truth is my car is old.  So I need to extend the life of my car for at least 3 more years before I purchase a new one.  This trip was needed.  I took a shortcut and passed by the Elizabeth Lake.  Thank you Google, I now discovered a lake nearby my place and it’s within the Angeles National Forest. How cool is that!  I love camping and hiking.  This place is beautiful!  The houses nearby this lake are huge, they almost look like a castle and mansion.  I saw a lot of 1920s cars passing on the highway I was driving – and it was free!  Didn’t I ever tell you that I love free car shows!  Who doesn’t?  There’s a pony show near this place and you can take horse riding lessons too.  I couldn’t believe this place is green with tall trees. This area reminded me of El Salvador and it was the best road trip I’ve ever done! 

I was more excited to meet up with Carlos, my Airman Soldier boyfriend in Santa Barbara beach. I wanted to see him!  He and his friends were very happy to take this road trip too. Especially when they all completed their basic training and a probationary period from their technical school.  All of his friends live in different states and decided to visit the beach to celebrate.

Santa Barbara city, wow it’s beautiful!  You can smell the mussels too!  This place made me hungry for seafood. For those who love mussels, this is the place you will want to visit.  I’m glad I got a chance to see Carlos. In the past, he had trouble sleeping and slept 1-3 hours per day. Ever since he joined the Air Force, his dark circle under eyes faded.  I’m going to miss calling him “Raccoon Eyes Boyfriend.”  Goodbye Racoon Eyes! :'(  We visited the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Center in the Pier.  It was free too!  It was interesting to see cars parked inside the pier.  I’ll be visiting this area again and the zoo too! If you ever get a chance to visit this place, I recommend the museum! 

Hot Airman Soldier Boyfriend 🙂


Bf looking at baby shark eggs


Bf ordered 3 giant blueberry pancakes, he ate it all!


Boyfriend always makes silly faces for photos lol

This car-boat goes inside the ocean for a tour. Very cool!



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