April 27, 2015 Alicia Castro 0Comment

To be happy, you need to let go of your fears. It’s okay to be yourself.  Don’t ever let a person make fun of you because you’re shy, innocent, serious, unhappy, unsatisfied, disappointed, confused, and overwhelmed about your life.  We all go through this phase and forget who we are because we’re letting bad people emotionally hurt us.  Be yourself no matter what.  Have confidence.  Having confidence is the key to heal, forgive, and love yourself.

I struggled and felt overwhelmed from lip reading or pretending to hear when I couldn’t listen.  I no longer let my frustrations get the best of me.  Meaning I no longer complain about how unfair my life is or used to be.  I got tired of crying and feeling confused about my identity.  The last time I cried about my disability was the end of last year.  I vowed to never cry and complain about my life.  I smile more often, encourage myself to workout at the gym everyday, and think positive thoughts. The scars from the past made me who I am today.  Stronger, happy, beautiful, and love myself.  Please do me a favor, set yourself free from pain.  Believe in yourself and live a peaceful life.  Call the person who needs happiness – YOU. bird freedom

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