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No matter what type of school you’re enrolled in, you must not give up on your education at all. Just because you feel disappointed with your grades and may not graduate on time with your friends doesn’t mean you should give up. Just because your family, friends and loved ones do not support you and tell you how disappointed they are does not mean you should quit school. So what?! Who cares what others think of you? Those who laugh at you are doing their best to make sure you quit.

Did I mention that I almost gave up in middle school because I kept getting straight Fs during my elementary school years? I almost gave up when I transferred to a new high school at my senior year because I felt incompetent. In fact, I almost quit college during my junior year because one professor ruined my G.P.A. by giving me a D-, which belonged to another student. Believe me, I fought my best to get the grade I deserved and I gave up because the professor left to do research at a different continent.

In the end, I never gave up on my education. I did exactly what my mother always taught me to do. I asked for help. You will never know who will help you unless you give it a try and ask for help. I asked my teachers, professors, TA’s and friends to help me because I was struggling in school. I told them the truth…that I wasn’t learning because I couldn’t hear. I rarely took notes and pretended to write notes by guessing what was taught. I also told them that I was getting by from re-reading my textbooks about three or four times per day. Everyone listened when I asked for help. Everyone shared their notes and taught me new ways to study and improve my grades. Even though I asked for help from people who refused to help me, I continued to ask for help by asking a different person.

I will finish my master’s program by the end of this year and I never thought I was going to make it this far. I have a hearing loss and yet I haven’t given up on my education or myself. If you find yourself close to giving up, please don’t! Ask for help and protect the person you need to protect the most, which is yourself.


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