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Yesterday, I accompanied mother for surgery.  The television at the visitor’s room was airing the HGTV channel “My First Place: Home & Garden.”  I was excited to see this channel!  While I visited my brother in the east bay area, I enjoyed watching the GGTV channel a lot.  Especially the Property Brothers – they talk loud, firm, and they’re easy to lip read.

While watching the television, I noticed there were no subtitles.  I kept telling myself, either I get frustrated for not hearing or ask the employee for permission to include the CC (closed-captions).  I chose to ask.  Of course I was bit nervous but it never hurts to try to ask.  The employee willingly added the CC.  I felt relieved and happy.  This was my first time asking for CC at a public place and will continue to ask if the opportunity arrives.  Individuals with hearing loss or deaf shouldn’t be afraid to ask for CC at public places.  Be happy and brave.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for CC (closed-captions) at Public Places

  1. Well done! Another step forward to promoting greater deaf awareness. All deaf people around the globe are doing their bit by motivating others to improve access to communication in communities and telecommunications. A tall order but you are already in there running so keep at it.

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