October 15, 2012 Alicia Castro 0Comment

Who doesn’t love music? I do. Music brings me joy and inspires me to believe in doing the impossible. I love music but I hate it when I can’t hear the message singers are giving to their followers. Luckily for me, I can read the lyrics before listening to music. Everyone has their own way of listening to music. I listen to music by wearing over-the-ear headphones.

Hearing loud music taught me a painful lesson. I went clubbing once and was shocked to hear loud music. It was the loudest and ugliest sound I have ever heard being played by a DJ. I stayed no longer than two hours because my ears were hurting. The pain continued for a few days and I made an appointment to see my audiologist. After getting tested, my audiologist knew I exposed my ears to loud music. I’m not good at lying, so I told her the truth. Apparently, the percentage of my hearing level decreased because of the music at the club. I was a fool.

So I learned my lesson. It’s the first and the last time I will expose my ears to loud music. I would rather hear music from my laptop than from a club. Most of my friends wonder why I keep rejecting their invitations to go clubbing; it’s something that they will never understand. My ability to hear means the world to me. My advice to you, enjoy the sound of nature but do not expose yourself to loud music or externalities that will harm your body. Love and take care of yourself.

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