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Progress – June 13, 2017  

Total balance remaining is $7,021.95   OMG!!! 

Below is a thermometer I created to keep track of how much I have paid since November 2014

This time I managed to pull together a total payment of $2,000. I cannot believe that I paid off $40,979 in 30 months!  Not bad for a person who earned a bachelor and a master’s degree in 6 years!  I know that it’s hard to save as much as you can.  Especially if you’re earning a minimum wage salary.  It is not possible.  If I can do it, so can you!  But you have to make sacrifices. The question you should ask yourself is “How much are you willing to sacrifice to achieve success?” 


Someone asked me what I will do after paying off this debt?  

1. Breathe, relax, save money

2. Buy new hearing aids

3. Visit Spain, London, Hawaii, El Salvador, Colorado etc…

Honestly, I want to live in peace and enjoy life.  I want to be happy with friends, family, and my love. 



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