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2014: My sincere apologies, I decided to edit the post, delete his name, and photos…we are no longer in a relationship. 

I started dating at age 23 in my undergraduate years at the University of California, Riverside. My reason for dating in my early twenties is because I wasn’t ready to commit. Ever since I was little, I promised myself that I will not get a boyfriend until I graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree. Being a college student in my undergraduate years made it difficult to keep my promise. I wondered if a man would treat me and respect the person I am today. My dating experience with hearing loss was difficult.

I attempted to talk to guys in classroom settings and sports, but my dating experiences were unsuccessful. I realize that guys did not want to date me because of my hearing loss. I remember the first guy who asked me out and felt excited. On the day our date was confirmed; I waited for his call.  He never called and I got stood up. A few months passed, I met another guy on campus who wasn’t aware about my hearing loss. While he gave his number, I asked him to repeat his phone number and accidentally apologized letting him find out about my hearing loss. After texting each other for two weeks, he finally asked me out through text. He never showed up for the date. I got stood up again and I immediately blocked his phone number. I gave up.

By my senior year, I didn’t feel confident to meet guys. Many guys noticed that I was no longer happy including my best friend, John. I met John when I joined Volleyball  in my freshman year. One day, John invited me to play UNO card game with a few friends. John knows how much I love playing UNO and he invited friend, the guy who later broke my heart and didn’t have the balls to break-up in person.  We broke up via phone when I drove 500 miles for a job interview.  I wish him happiness, joy, and peace with the next person. 


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