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Most individuals are married, have children, and moved up in their career ladder at age 27.  I was single, living with my parents, commuting 2.5 hours to work full-time entry level job.  I was working out between 2-3 hours per day.  It was impossible for me to go out on a date with a guy.  At least that’s what I thought.  So I joined OkCupid, an online dating website.  I didn’t expect much for an online dating site.  Let’s just say things started to get interesting.  In fact, more than what I would ask for. 

The first few weeks, I refused to add a photo.  Okay, I will admit, I was scared.  I changed my profile story each week for fun and noticed nobody would message me because I wrote that I wear hearing aid devices.  I was honest about my disability.  If he wasn’t willing to understand me, then he is not the right person for me.

The online dating drove me nuts!  Almost every guy greeted me with hurtful words, misspelled, and begged me to date them.  It was a major turnoff!  It was easy to ignore and delete messages but sometimes I had to fight with intellectual words.  Once, there was a guy who called me fat.  He had the nerve to ask me out after I posted a picture of my weight loss results.  Another guy asked for pictures of my feet – ewww no, and a married guy asked for a threesome. What the hell!  Surprisingly I got more messages from gay guys, at least they were nicer. 

I was tired of the online dating profile and decided to delete it after four months.  Well, something happened.  Before deleting my profile, I naively asked for a sign.  All I wanted was a simple greeting.  

The last few seconds before I decided to hit the delete button, a guy messaged me with a simple “Hello.”  I replied to him, “hello” from the other side. Then he wrote his phone number and told me he was going to delete his profile afterward.  I messaged him my number and asked him to call me because I wasn’t going to call.  Either he was going to call or ignore the message.  So I deleted my profile right away.  The phone rang and before I knew it, my world changed.  


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