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I promised to keep you posted regarding my single Valentine’s Day adventure. I did wake up early and went for a morning hike. I completed a five mile hike at the Claremont Hills Wilderness Park which is also known as the Claremont loop by local residents. It took 1.5 hours to complete my hike and my hamstring is still hurting from the steep incline. I think I’m going to feel the burning for a week and need to hike more often.

I walked 2 miles extra because there was no parking near the hike area. Now I know that a lot of people hike on V-Day. I expected to be one of the few people who went for a self-hike. I was proved wrong. A lot of people like to hike without a partner or group (the individuals who hiked with their pets don’t count – according to me).

picture from yelp
picture from yelp


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After arriving home, I gave mother her birthday present. She loves flowers and homemade blueberry pancakes. She said pancakes are better than flowers. I agree with her 🙂 I got myself a single rose for my self valentine.

moms flower             20150214_143241




I was still hungry after eating blueberry pancakes, probably from the intense hike which helped me burn 1000 calories. So instead of eating hot wings, I decided to visit the Claremont Village and find a new place to eat. It had to be a place where I’ve never eaten before. I was feeling a little sad from seeing lots of people hugging or holding hands. I kept walking and passed many restaurants because none caught my attention. I noticed this place that wasn’t crowded and kept telling me “chose this place.”

I’m going to be honest. It was the most delicious spot I’ve ever eaten. It’s called I Like Pie Bakeshop. I tried the Sheperd’s Pie which has hearty ground turkey with carrots and onions in a rich tomato based gravy, topped with buttery mashed potatoes. Wow, my sadness went away instantly and I was smiling a lot!!! The more I smiled, people noticed and kept walking inside the store peeking at my delicious meal. Of course out of curiosity, they asked what I was eating. This pie has a secret, it makes you smile and feel happy entirely! The pie is perfect, you can tell it was made with careful consideration and designed beautiful. It has a rich crunchy, buttery, and sweet flavor. Best of all, it’s a British pie which I’ve never eating. I’m definitely visiting this pie because I Like Pie Bakeshop a lot and their reviews  are amazing! Don’t judge, I couldn’t finish my pie because it is big and luscious. I normally hate dressing with salad but this place offers the best dressing. The next time you visit Claremont, please try this place. I highly recommend it. I’m willing to hike early Saturdays to eat The Sheperd’s pie for lunch.  Very affordable and worth visiting the bakeshop.




So I didn’t get a chance to wear my sexy dress but I promise to add at a future post. For dinner, mother wanted to eat at a buffet. Here’s a peek of my dessert 😉 Please don’t judge, it’s cheat meal day and I think I deserved heavenly desserts.




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