June 16, 2015 Alicia Castro 0Comment
If you’re not honest about who you are then how do you expect others to respect and understand you.  Being honest does not hurt anyone.  Lying and hiding the truth hurts because you chose your path.  We’re not perfect and it’s okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from your mistakes.  Honesty is the best policy and appreciated.  I’m very honest about who I am and embrace my disability.  It’s important to be honest when it comes to dating, relationships, and friendship.
So I’ve been on multiple dates and things just got interesting.   Since day one, my boyfriend knows about my hearing loss diagnosis and it doesn’t bother him.  We met more than once and we agree to make it an effort to understand each other.  That’s how relationships work; two people try to communicate to understand each other.   It should never be an 80/20 percent communication.  It needs to be a 50/50 percent communication.  Our policy is to increase honest and trust through communication.   We talk about everything the good, bad, kindness, happiness, awkwardness, and craziness.   As a matter of fact, he tries to make an effort to make sure I hear every word.   He will rephrase the words if I’m not following.  He will repeat words whenever I stay quiet.  Best of all, he never ceases to amaze me and knows how to make me laugh.
We saw Jurassic World over the weekend.   I was about to walk inside the theater and give my ticket.  He noticed I wanted to grab my Sony Subtitle Glasses but I hesitated because we were going to miss the good part of the film so I said to myself aloud “forget the glasses because I brought my hearing aids”.   He pulled my hand and said, “Alicia, go grab your subtitle glasses… I’m sure they also have it for 3D”.  I got butterflies when he said it.  Now I know very well my guy listens and cares a lot for me.  Whenever he shows me his favorite Netflix movies, he immediately adds the subtitles.  I never ask him to include subtitles.  How cool is that!   Believe me when I say this, being honest does not get you the right friends or partner but it will get you the right one(s).

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