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I read an article, Gene therapy allows deaf mice to hear: study published by Marlowe Hood on February 6, 2017.  At first, I thought this sounds like a great idea only for those who wish to have their hearing restored.  Personally, I wish I could hear 100% without the need to wear hearing devices.  They’re amazing to wear, but most days I wish I wouldn’t wear them all day.  I was diagnosed with a bilateral hearing loss at age 9.  Nobody knows how it happened.  I wear hearing aids and without them, I wouldn’t be able to improve my communication and hearing skills. 

I truly believe that not all deaf individuals feel comfortable to have their hearing restored.  Some fear they would face many struggles because they never heard anything before.  I get it, it can be scary especially not having the ability to distinguish sounds.  In the deaf community, some individuals believe that a person must continue to remain deaf because that’s the way he or she was born.  I disagree.  A person born deaf should have the option to make his or her own decision whether they wish to restore their hearing.  Why should a deaf person continue to listen to others when his or her heart is telling them to do the opposite, take the surgery to hear.  Nowadays we are experiencing a shift in technologies. We have better technology and we got comfortable using it every day.  We love technology that lasts longer and works quickly.  Same goes for human beings, we grow to become a better person and continue to learn as we age gracefully. 

Born deaf, or not deaf we need to recognize that we are all human beings.  We communicate differently but at least we share something in common.  We work hard, adapt and acculturate.  I’m not saying we will always be the same people.  That not how it works in this world.  I have a hearing problem and I embrace every day by accepting who I am and love to help others no matter where they come from.  

We will never know when we will find a cure for hearing loss.  I do feel we are getting closer as we continue to conduct studies in mice. Remember, mice do not live longer than 2 years.  I’m not sure how this study will get closer to finding a cure but at least we have people who are fighting to find a cure to restore hearing loss.  I do believe that once we find a cure, many deaf people will not be happy.  It’s like taking away who they always knew to be “deaf.” 

Feel free to comment.  I look forward to hearing what you think about the article and my opinion.

2 thoughts on “An Option: To Hear Again or To Never Hear Again

  1. Great read! Thank you for sharing! I personally do not suffer from hearing loss nor am I deaf but a couple of my closest friends have children who are. They both have cochlea implants and have had great success. I’ve attached an article which talks about breakthrough research in regards to using stem cells to restore damaged cells in the cochlea. Stem cells could be used in conjunction with the implant or by itself, depending on the severity of the condition. Hope you enjoy reading it.

    1. Thanks for reading my blog. Wow, I didn’t know there was an article about stem cells to restore hearing. Thanks for sharing, I will e-mail them for an update 🙂

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