January 4, 2017 Alicia Castro 0Comment

Dear little sister,

You know me by name, but not my story. You’ve heard what I’ve been through but you haven’t lived in my shoes. Not only do I share your blood; I am just like you. Both of us lost a father at a very young age and raised by mothers who fought like warriors to protect us from families who never cared about us. A man whom I wished I got to know better not just his last years. I lost contact with you since you turned three years old. That was 15 years ago and now I have a small chance that I’ll find you. Maybe this year. I have your address, I know you live in city of Bristow, Virginia. I hesitate to write you a personal letter because I fear you’ll never get a chance to read it. I am interested in learning what you’ve been through and how beautiful you turned out to be. No matter what happens, never forget who you are. In the end, all I wish for you is to find peace and happiness. I’m okay and I will understand if you do not what to be found.

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